The American Society of Civil Engineers El Paso Branch

2021-2022 Proposed Slate of Officers

The following are the nominees for the officer positions beginning in the 2021-2022 term:

Proposed Slate of Officers
President-Elect – Nicholas N. Ybarra, P.E.
Vice President – Manuel A. Salas, P.E.
Treasurer – Sergio Delgado, Jr., P.E
Secretary – Estefany Ramos, P.E.
Branch Director 2019-2022 – Sandra Gutierrez, P.E.
Branch Director 2020-2023 – Ivan Hernandez, P.E.
Branch Director 2021-2024 – Priscilla Sandoval, E.I.T.
Section Director 2021-2023 – Sergio Mendez, P.E.

The following officers will be proceeding based on prior elections:
Past President – Jorge Grajeda, P.E.
President – Alexandra Riccillo, E.I.T.

(Edited 9/21/21)

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