The American Society of Civil Engineers El Paso Branch

2012-2013 Proposed Slate of Officers

The following nominees are:

President Elect – Yvonne Conde, P.E.

Treasurer – Wendy M. Arredondo, E.I.T.

Secretary –  Marvin Gomez, P.E.

Branch Directors 2012 – 2014

Roxanne Medina, P.E.

Thomas Vick,  P.E.

Floor will be open for nominations prior to the election at the general meeting on Wednesday, May 23rd.


The following officers will be proceeding based on prior elections:

Past President – Katrina M. Martich, P.E.

President – Robert A. Gonzales, P.E.

Branch Directors 2011 – 2013

Chris Nance, P.E.

Jose Reyes, P.E.

Section Director 2011-2013

Isabel Vasquez, P.E.

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